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Lu Ban who was born around 507 B.C. passed away in 444 B.C.. His life ranged from the late Chunqiu period to early Zhanguo period. Born in a carpenter¡¯s family he had done much civil and architectural engineering work since very young. Day by day, he got hold of carpenter¡¯s skills and accumulated many practical experiences. During the passing period of Chunqiu and Zhanguo, the social upheavals allowed carpenters to perform their skills freely. In that 

situationmany tools machines and hand-make art work was invented by Lu Ban. After 450 B.C. he moved from LU to CHU and helped the CHU to manufacture weapons. He had once invented ¡°aerial ladder¡± to attack SONG but was finally stopped by Mozi. Mozi insisted on the opinion of inventing manufacturing tools and objected producing weapons. This opinion was finally accepted by Lu Ban.

       Lu Ban has got so many inventions. It is mentioned in many ancient works that many carpenter tools used nowadays was initially invented by Lu Ban. For example, the back square is habitually called ¡°Lu Ban square¡± and it is also said that the ink duct, umbrella, saw, wood plane, drill, chisel were all initially invented by Lu Ban. The inventing of these tools had freed the carpenters from primitive and burdensome work and make the work much more efficient. The carpenter work was brought into a new age. Those inventions contains many physical sciences. Later, to memorize the great carpenter people call Lu Ban ¡°The Father of Chinese Carpenter¡±

¡¡¡¡¡¡Nowadays, QTOOLS is dedicating to manufacturing the best carpenter tools in the world. We sincerely hope that our products will facilitate your woodworking and at the same time we hope our eastern carpenter culture will spread all over the world.

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